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Reply To: What is a Porta cipher?


OK, well, if you make a Q4 with these alphabet keys
and translate the shift key according to this table,
then encryption and decryption are the same as the Porta.

Porta, American      Porta, British       Q4
A,B                  A,B                  N
C,D                  Y,Z                  O
E,F                  W,X                  P
G,H                  U,V                  Q
I,J                  S,T                  R
K,L                  Q,R                  S
M,N                  O,P                  T
O,P                  M,N                  U
Q,R                  K,L                  V
S,T                  I,J                  W
U,V                  G,H                  X
W,X                  E,F                  Y
Y,Z                  C,D                  Z
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