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Seriously. I need more help. I have tried:
1- Reversing the text, then trying to re-arranging in a transposition cipher
2- Re-arranging, then reading backwards
3- Factorising the text length and using that for 1 and 2
4- Factorising the text + 1 (so that there its that 4 block at the end) and using for 1 and 2
5- And i have come SO CLOSE. I just cant get ‘yours’ to work without a 37 letter keyword. (Which i don’t think it is)
6- What more is there to do??
Your tips may seem easy to use when you write them, but they are just as confusing sometimes!
A riddle seems easy when you know the answer.

[All good. I like 1 particularly! Have you tried a 7 letter key? It might not be in the dictionary. Also, as before, the text appears to have been separated into blocks and the transposition applied to each block. Cribs are your friend. Any names you might hope/expect to see? Whereabouts in the message? Good luck,

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