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Reply To: The official Challenge 10 tips and hints thread


Hi, When will you release the leaderboard for 9A and 9B? Also at what point will we get feedback for 10A and 10B or is the answer to this never?

[The Leaderboards are up now. Apologies from the Elves, they were busy packing Santa’s sleigh and didn’t have time to post yesterday. I am sure we all agree that they had their priorities right, even if it was hard to wait. Feedback will be off for a little while longer, and will be on “delayed” mode, so you will only get feedback on a submission after the next points boundary. That means it pays to do your own checking, even after submitting. If you find your own mistakes and correct them before the time band ends, you will get more points than if you wait for the feedback. Hope that is clear, Harry]

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