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Reply To: The official Challenge 10 tips and hints thread


No way this will be let through the moderation but:
Look at ciphers which rely on a set factor/number of characters to be encryptable… Madness’s book is a brilliant place to start…
Take out all spaces in ciphertext (this should be a given)
Also excel is your friend! Use it! Make interactive grids, of different ciphertext block lengths/key lengths etc…
I have not even solved it fully yet but we’re close…
Rooting out bugs in my C++ script! And my teammate’s python script!

[Hope you don’t mind me taking out this section, don’t want to give too much away! Harry]


This is our 5th year doing this and yet still we can’t get 10B in the first deadline! Last year we completed B on new year’s day… Hopefully sooner this year… We always have next year for the £1000!

So no one be discouraged!

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