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Reply To: The official Challenge 10 tips and hints thread


Dont know if this will get through the moderation but might as well write it anyway as I have not cracked 10b yet so this could be completely wrong.

’s post- you say that the key would be 130 characters long but I highly doubt that. I have not cracked it yet but I think I am close if I can figure out the link between the bold/unbold text. I think it is more probable that the key is a factor of 130* that is repeated however many times to complete 130.

*so 2, 5, 10, 13, 26, or 65 but I dont think 2 because its too short and same for 26 and 65 being too long.

And I dont get why people care about the prizes- the only reason im doing this is because im bored with GCSE preparations and Ciphers are a much better use of time.

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