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Reply To: The official Challenge 10 tips and hints thread


getting covid during Christmas was both a blessing and a curse as it meant that at least people left me alone to work on this challenge (even if covid did ruin everything else this Christmas lol)

Anyhow I think I’ve managed to finally perfect my python script (think being the keyword as it seems I cannot count to 26) however I am still fairly stumped on what the keyword could be.

I even had a dream about being forced to get a anoontnosin tattoo! It’s driving me absolutely bonkers as I still haven’t figured out what it mean. At this point I’m convinced I’m just being stupid.

And then there’s @aq_ueous ‘s hint (#87779) of the key word being a random word, and @QuantumError1036 ‘s hint (#87620) with the capital letters CADEN so I thought oh it’s an anagram of CADEN ie DANCE, CANED or ACNED, but none of them make comprehensible text when I shove them into my python script with the first block of 130, (although this may be me being stupid once more…)

I desperately hope that tomorrows clue is helpful as I spent the majority of this challenge twiddling my thumbs at the start 🙁
I don’t even care about the prizes I just want to put my mind at rest – even if I fail all my exams at least I know what anoontnosin means!

Sorry, rant over.
Harry, anyone, pls help lol
(Do people even say lol anymore?)

[lol, Harry]

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