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Reply To: The official Challenge 10 tips and hints thread


So glad I finally managed to solve this one. Took me all day yesterday to decode manually as I am not a python wiz like some of the other participants. Next year im going to apply solo because (like Crackerjack’s team) my team gave up and deserted me after the 1st non-practice mission! I refused to give up though and I hope no-one gives up on this last one. All i will say is that I had no clue about the key and if you apply the cribbing hint released yesterday to the 1st block (5 letters across and 26 down) then it shows the way to approach the other 24 blocks. I would also like to thank @madness and @madness’s book- everyone knows that if critics scorn a book then it is usually a great one and it is a really great and helpful book that I would 100% recommend to everyone participating in this competition. This is my first time entering this cipher competition and it has been amazing, even though 10b was so hard because I had no clue how anotsi is linked to the keyword! Thank goodness I didnt need to use a key to decipher it! Thanks Harry for such an interesting and challenging 1st competition, and I will definitely be taking part ne+t year from now if i can get my ‘x’ key to stop sticking!

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