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Any tools to make split blocks of letters into coherent words??

The Empty Vault Forums Bureau of Security and Signals Intelligence Forum Any tools to make split blocks of letters into coherent words??

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    I use a thing in Python called wordninja. You’ll have to google it. It does a better job than the one I wrote myself, but it still does annoying things like when it sometimes splits words in the wrong place.

    Once it is installed, you do something like this in python:

    from wordninja import split
    words = split(plaintext)


    Maybe I should point out that using this python script is not necessary in order to submit your decrypt. We delete all the spaces when checking your solution anyway, but it does make it easier to read the deciphered text if you want to do that before we publish the solution.


    Thank you @madness for this gift. I have polished some of my programs.


    Although perhaps overkill, what’s worked for me so far is using OpenAI’s python API to access their GPT-3 text completion model, and asking that to separate the blocks into sentences.

    For example: (excerpt from 5B)

    split the following text into readable sentences:

    I think we made a mistake in hiring Jade. I carried out checks on her friend Harry and he doesn’t exist.


    @Avia is there any chance you could make a guide on how to implement this? i think it would save many from the tedious process of hitting the arrow and space keys 1000’s of times.
    Mr X

    [If anyone writes a nicely commented piece of code that we can safely run then we could consider putting this in the cipher tools library. Harry]

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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