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‘In Space No One Can Hear You Screem’

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    > On The Internet No One Can See You Sigh <

    I am posting this from a friends computer
    My laptop went belly-up a week ago
    You have to believe me – it is genuinely true 🙁
    I lost out on a final hint fest spree
    So for me and for NASA it has ended in catastrophe!

    Just before the fail I wrote a little poem I was about to post…

    The dreaded 9B

    It has finally arrived – the dreaded 9 B
    We know what it is, we hear ourselves say
    It’s ternary converted to alpha you see
    But it didn’t quite work that way!

    Over time we were lost in our thinking
    Our prospects were looking bleak
    The silence from Harry was deafening
    He wasn’t giving the hints that we seek

    And souls that got lost in the zero-one-two myst
    They sure gave Harry a drilling
    ‘Twas unkind to say that he was a sadist
    He held back ’cause the leaderboard wasn’t filling

    And then all too soon we were near the end
    Many had solved it – finding it easy no doubt
    For others a solution may be just round the bend
    Now that the hints are trickling out

    Seeking to gain the last few points
    And trying to save our grace
    It’s a scramble to fix up the joints
    Or end up with two pools in our face

    Now if you are due to come back next year
    Refrain from giving Harry ‘a flea in the ear’
    Instead you should give him a heart-felt cheer
    Because all of his hard work may help further a career

    Thanks for a good time Harry.
    Hope to be back next year.


    Love it, fantastic effort. Harry Baker would be proud!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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