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Mission 5 – Help!


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    This is our first time competing and the team are so keen. We are scratching our heads over mission 5, we seem to have hit a wall. We have worked out the method we need to use, and I think we have the key word length but does anybody have any spoiler free hints without using python if possible?

    We are really getting into the story and we have some very interesting theories… I would hate for our journey to end here when we just need a tiny bit of a nudge.

    Thanks in advance!


    Welcome to the Challenge, hope you come back for years to come! If you want to avoid programming in Python at this stage then you can do a lot of the processing for this cipher using Excel or another spreadsheet, putting characters in cells to manipulate them. Copy and paste are your friends here, as is the ability to impart a tab or comma separated file.

    Hope that helps,



    Thank you so much! We are on the right lines then, we’ll keep cracking away at it (excuse the pun)

    Thank you for the speedy reply.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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