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    Hey, so I need a list of Spanish surnames and place names etc., but when I look
    online, google tells me that there are plenty of baby names to chose from, or
    I can download a gazetteer as a set of scanned images from an old book.

    So, do any participants from Spain or South/central America have a list of
    Spanish names in plain text format? I would appreciate it, as it would go a
    long way towards helping me to conquer the world.


    Conquer the world? Should I be worried?


    I think we should…


    I just found a neat way to crib a Hill cipher. If you find the inverse of a matrix composed of ciphertext vectors,
    and multiply that by a matrix of plaintext, you get a transpose of the key, or something like that. I managed to
    get it working for an 8×8 Hill cipher. Here is a link to a paper about Hill ciphers and about the technique:

    p.s. I found the Spanish word I was looking for.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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