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GCHQ Puzzle Challenge 8

Box Office Smashes

Fans of Richard Osman’s House of Games might recognise this. Have fun. And if Richard is taking part, please do let us know!) As usual, post your solutions on the Forum, with your time, and if we can get round to it we will edit them out and leave you the glory.

  1. Esther Blodgett is injured in combat and becomes an anti-war activist.
  2. A medic, sacked after being caught on the roof of the nurses’ home, visits Nepal to acquire new skills.
  3. A Cheltenham man foils a Nazi plot.
  4. A spy on the hunt for a Soviet encryption device gets involved in the romantic entanglements of eight different couples.
  5. A bookstore worker has a facial transplant and becomes a fashion model.
  6. A jaded weatherman repeatedly hides from zombies in an underground military bunker.
  7. After Cliff Richard runs over a pedestrian with his bus, he is stalked by a mysterious hook-wielding figure.
  8. In a dystopian future, an American book collector swaps letters with a London bookseller.
  9. A repressed butler is separated from his son during a climate change disaster.
  10. At the age of 121, a mouse recounts the story of his life to a historian.
  11. An actress is sacked from her role on a soap opera, and can only get VoiceOver work on a Tarzan spoof.
  12. Mr Dashwood discusses his family’s prospects with Cole Sear.
  13. A man hires a private investigator to track down his former prom date, who is now working as a nanny.
  14. A football manager takes charge of the Midwich team, but his tenure only lasts for a month and a half.