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The Marking system

Alongside the change to daily deadlines (from midnight back to 11pm) we are also trying a new marking algorithm this year. We are using something called the Damerau-Levenshtein metric to measure how different your answer is to the one we have prepared. If this distance is 1, that means that you need to make one elementary correction to your solution to fix it, so for example by changing one letter, deleting one letter, inserting one letter or switching an adjacent pair of letters. If the distance is 2 you need to make two such changes to get it right. If you need to make d changes then we will give you a score of 100-d, where if you need to make more than 100 changes that gives a score of 0.

As usual, if you submit more than one solution to the same problem before the final deadline we will score them all and give you your highest available mark. For example if you submit three times for the same challenge with scores of 82, 98, 96 respectively your accuracy score will be 98. For the part B challenges your time score will be the time points you get for the 98 point solution.

Hope that is clear, do ask in the Forum if you are unsure what this means.