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The Donald Duckies

We are Duckies and the nephews of Donald Duck!!!! Our Great Uncle is the one and only Scrooge McDuck who sounds grumpy but is actually really awesome. He got us some amazing presents in the christmas special. Also, Donald Duck may seem a little clumsy but that view is accurate. We love our best friend Goofy and his pet, they are very fun to play with, our favourite game is duck duck duck dog because only we can play it. Moreover, you may think Minnie is sweet and kind but she is very very very very very very very boring and bossy, she is forever telling us what to do. Huey do the ironing and dont burn off your wing this time, Dewey do the cooking yet dont burn it, Louie take the books out of the washing machine they dont need cleaning. She is very rude! Finally Mickey may seem very sweet and fun but he is really cocky and a terrible cook, he burnt our christmas 50/50 bread, and that was the most expensive!! Plus he is always bragging about how he has his own club house and his own TV show where he can play in it. NOT FAIR!!!!! This is our team and the friends of Huey, Dewey and Louie.

School Name: Kibworth

Team Captain: Huey

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