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Until we meet again …

Well, that was fabulous. We had 6,250 of you taking part this year and it was a privilege and pleasure to join you in the adventure. We hope you enjoyed the competition as much as we did!

We can’t give prizes to everyone, even though we think you are all champions. Cracking one of these challenges was a real achievement, and we hope that you will return next year to sharpen your skills and to get even further.

The final leaderboards will be published at 1pm today, so head over to see where you ended up.

The site will remain up until the summer, when the Elves will be rested enough to move back in and start redecorating for the 21st National Cipher Challenge. Feel free to hang around and post til then, but, as Madness will continue to point out, I may be slow to post your messages. Life …

Thank you to all of you for your enthusiasm, I hope to meet some of you at least sometime. Why not sign up for an Open Day and pop in to the Mathematical Sciences Student Centre and see if you can find me!

Best wishes,


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