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The Lost

Rome’s lost legion vanished. The reason for their disappearance, and the nature of the treasure they guarded has been lost for centuries. Now at last the truth can be told.

Join Harry, Jodie and Maryam in their quest to solve the mystery of The Lost Legion

Countdown to the first Challenge

Challenge 1

How last year's winners won

Some of last year’s competitors kindly wrote up how they tackled the final challenge. If you are wondering what it takes to decipher a message encrypted with a brand new code then this might give you some idea.

How the winners won


Welcome (back) to the XIVth National Cipher Challenge

It seems like only yesterday that many of us gathered at Bletchley to celebrate the 15th National Cipher Challenge, and yet here we are, almost at the start of the new competition. After a number of years’ absence Harry is rejoined by his friend and erstwhile colleague Prof Adam Wheeler, and Adam’s son Sam, who

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Programming for Cryptologists

National Cipher Challenge alumnus Julian Bhardwaj wrote a rough guide to computer programming for code breakers which he has kindly allowed us to post here for you. You don’t need to be a world class programmer to do well in the challenge, you can get a long way with a word processor, a spreadsheet and some cunning, but it really helps to automate the routine jobs, and these notes will get you started.

Programming for Cryptologists 101

The competition rules

(Really, it does!) But what we mean here is that the competition has some rules, and you should probably know about them. We think they are clear, and they are certainly tested by time, but if you have any questions about them do contact us and we will try to get back to you within 24 hours. In the meantime you can read them here.

The rules