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The Bletchley Park Prize-giving

From the beginning the National Cipher Challenge has had a close relationship with the historic home of UK codebreaking at Bletchley Park.

For many years we were able to run an annual event to celebrate the achievements of our competitors, with special guests, lunch for our main prizewinners in the Mansion, and an afternoon of lectures and tours of the museum.

In recent years changes at Bletchley meant that we had to scale back our ambitions and were unable to invite more of you to the event, however we are very pleased to announce that this year we are able to return to our roots and will be holding a more traditional National Cipher Challenge Prize Giving event at the Park

The event will start with a private lunch for our main prizewinners and sponsors and will continue with an afternoon of lectures and tours of the Park and museum. We will have around 80 tickets in total and will announce more details about the event nearer the time.

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