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The solution to this challenge was written up by Madness, and with his permission I have added it to our library of resources. You can find it here.

The challenge below was a special 10th round for the 2020 Special Edition, with its existence and location hidden in the solution to Challenge 9B. It was a new cipher developed by Harry especially for the competition and, as expected, it was VERY hard. We promised Cipher Elite status to the first ten to crack it and they were:

Madness (no surprise there)
Some successful sister’s senior sibling
Cricguru + Jaysong

You have joined an elite band of cryptanalysts who have cracked the final round of a BOSS training mission. Or have you? Clearly the story can’t end there, and if you want to read the final instalment before everyone else gets to, then you will have to crack one final code. You solved part of the puzzle by finding this page. Now you have to use all your skill to break the cipher protecting the attached report from Swallow, which details the final adventure. It is like nothing you have seen before in this edition of the competition, but I will tell you that it is inspired by the simple combination lock!

If you can’t crack it don’t worry, you did well to find this page. Let Harry know you got that far on the forum by posting the codeword ELITE. We will publish the solution here at the end of the competition [which is when I say it is – Muhaha! Harry]

No feedback, no marks, no submission form – no help from us at all. You are all alone! If you get the solution, email it to Harry. The first ten people/teams who crack it will be awarded the accolade of Cipher ELITE. Good luck!

Cipher Challenge 2020SE – The Elite Challenge

UHKLC BRHEB URAAG @@QLA KLHAR @JCAI LBLQU DNAET @[email protected] CEARQ @[email protected] DBLVC FBCAM AGDBR [email protected] BFEBV YAUBS [email protected] OCVCR KOLBC @PADI [email protected] BRHEB [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] BCLCB [email protected]@ RHEBL [email protected] FFICI @MRAR HBSBR [email protected] DRQRX AUBSA [email protected] [email protected] RAGCB [email protected] MCFEN JRSEN BUETC BILHO RLDEA @MEAR ULCEA RHBSB RHEBL [email protected] [email protected] QULCA @EBRA [email protected] SQRCE AILBF DTLAM ZAUHE TCBIR BUQUL [email protected] [email protected]@EB CLORD [email protected]@ RHEKR @CZOD TILDN [email protected] @DILI RKCTS HEBOO [email protected] OLBRQ @LPUD BRHEB RCNAJ LKLHA RSQCI [email protected] OPRBS SJULA FZDSO XICDB FROLA UHKCF BRHEB FEBVY AUBSE [email protected] [email protected]@ EBCZR [email protected] EAUBS [email protected] NEEAF [email protected] CGCBT [email protected] @[email protected] QRSAU [email protected] CTREE [email protected] HEBOM @[email protected] ALDNA ETRAO [email protected] BRVBM LOUBR EBMAU [email protected] NAJLE EAILB COLTB DRBUK RHBLO [email protected] QRUEH [email protected] UQRIK [email protected] BRHEB [email protected] BRHEK [email protected] [email protected]@M LOUEE [email protected] ULTET [email protected] SKOLB [email protected]@E BOSCQ ASCEJ [email protected] [email protected] UDKLL @MECB RGQUE EARHB SBRDE URIRZ AOLBR [email protected] [email protected] LEBRH BSBUQ ULCAC @SRXA RHEBC @[email protected] [email protected] EENBR SEQPD EAUOA FOLLO UKLHA [email protected] QLAKL [email protected] CSAUK RHBLO [email protected]@C IUJLI @MTAL [email protected] [email protected]@ MLOUE [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] RHEBR [email protected] [email protected] ILERC BSDEA [email protected] AOAST OLRAR AAQRB GDBOF @RHEB [email protected] BYALI LEBUB SALQR BFCBS [email protected] @MEAI [email protected] [email protected] BIRBU QULCA @EBCJ FFICU LRBRQ @[email protected] [email protected] FBSFD BCJRS UOSKU DBCNQ UFGBR [email protected] AGDBR [email protected] [email protected] CDEIR JOLBU BSARB JENBI LTSEB [email protected] LJLEB RHEBF [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] @QRSA @GDNT TAILB RHEBO [email protected] UETCB @ANCB [email protected] TETLJ LEBRH EBRGK OPJLH ACASE [email protected] ILBOR [email protected] [email protected] KLJXE BCIUJ [email protected] [email protected]@ MRKCT AIKDN [email protected] NRDNB [email protected] DEARH EBCDE @MTBO [email protected] BOPRB SSJUL AFZDS OXICD BFROL ARHEB [email protected] GDBRB MKTAI [email protected] MLXAR HEBRS AFBDA FQODE [email protected] GKOAO LBRHE BRASW RCAYA UHENB RHEBF CTRIC TAUET CBRZP [email protected] XAUDT [email protected] YARHE [email protected] YALPU DEARH EBRGK OMDNT [email protected] VLEAY ARCEV CILHA RHEBL WLAET @[email protected] ASSDN HDTRA ZARJL KKLHA RHEBF CTRXA ILBRH EBCDE QDTSB OASRB [email protected]@ JEBRK LNBRH EBRAA QREWR RAFQO [email protected] OSCWD NTBRH EBLBY KRAFR OLARC EOUDT ILHAR [email protected] [email protected] ZODTI LDNTT ACOLW JLECE ARHEN ARHBS BRHEB LPRSB CHFCE RKUDB UBYAR [email protected] VRCBR HBSBR HEBFC TRXAC OULCA [email protected] EBRCT DUCEA UBSAR [email protected]@NO UBOUR [email protected] [email protected] RDERK OLBOF @RHEB [email protected] @ZARH EBOSO [email protected] RJLKK LHARH EBOSO UBFIR RSBRH EBRGK OSARS [email protected] DBUQU [email protected] BLIFR EEAOU [email protected] RHEBU [email protected] LCBVJ LHARH EBCRC WBUKR [email protected] COLTT [email protected] EBREB MAUET CBCDT ETLJL EEARH BSBUH KLCBR HEBCZ OMORJ OLBFB [email protected] @[email protected] SFDBC NQUFG [email protected] @VRDB [email protected] @CAMA GDBRQ @RHEB RGKOA IRBFB [email protected] LCBVD BRKLD [email protected] RHEBO ASSDN HDTRA @MEAC RCWBR [email protected] [email protected] BRHEZ [email protected] RBRHE [email protected] BFROL ACKFG TEENB OPULE [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] @[email protected] [email protected] URDBF URDTA LCHRB [email protected] FROLA RHEBR VCCCT [email protected] UDNPR IBRAA QRBGD BOODT @SKOL BUETC [email protected] RGQRR [email protected] RHKRA @SARH EBRGK OAUQU LCARS [email protected]@ EBCLO RDBRQ @RGQR CBUHE NBRHE BCZOM ORJUD TAUEN TBOFF @[email protected] HEBRE BMAIL PSOUJ [email protected] ARKLJ LHACD WJCCB URJLH [email protected]@ [email protected] CLOCI BRHEB [email protected] ACOLT JRSKL [email protected] @[email protected] @SRDN BINWR BLICT FBMTD NBROL [email protected] [email protected] MEAIN WRBFB VIENI [email protected] DNANC [email protected] CWBIK LOLDT TCTAF ROLAR HEBOW @[email protected] BLADN @@MEA @PPSO @DFEE [email protected] KFGTB RHEZA CURBR HTOUF [email protected] CNECB @[email protected] [email protected] EARHE BRGKO AUHET CBRHE ZAUET CBCJR DOUDT [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] LICTF BMTDN BRTIC [email protected] COLWJ LECBR HEBFV @SCAR HBSBR HEZAU ETCBO ASSDN HDTRA [email protected] VRSBU BMTEE [email protected] MCEQA OLBRH [email protected]@ [email protected] BFEBU BSAUL EOLWJ LECEA RDNTJ LHARH BSBRH EBFEB LJFGT [email protected] YMPAS HETKC @RHEB REBMA @DMJR TEEAR HBSBR HEZAU QRIEE [email protected] RHEBR CTJRS BMECB @MEAR QLCAR HEBFV @SCAR HEZAL EEEDE [email protected]@ [email protected] OUEEA [email protected] CDBRP LDTHK LHAOL BRHEB RGKOA RHKRA UQRIE [email protected] ARPRL [email protected] EAFBV IENIC AUETC BODTL JRTEE [email protected] [email protected]@EN OUBCD EIBRQ @RHEB [email protected] UHETC BRHEZ ARPDN TBRHE BLEZR [email protected] FQURR [email protected] ILHAC ZOMOR JUDTA UHENB RHEZA FBDAF ILKRG EEARH EBRAA QREWR RALCH RBRHE BRGKO AUKRH [email protected] MZAFU RRHET @CFBM LCNHD THEBL EZRBL PRLKL HARHE BCDWJ CCBCZ OMOCD [email protected] [email protected] EEAIV [email protected] ARHEB [email protected] BRGKO ARCBD FEEAR HEBUR CAMCN BLIFG THQUR DBIRB RWRLE EAILM [email protected] ENXAF [email protected] [email protected] WRBRH EBCAM AGDBU BSARQ [email protected] [email protected] MEARH EBRGK OALIR SEEAO WICIN XARHE BRGKO ARAMK [email protected] ENBRH KRRZA RDTTN ILHAO LBRHE [email protected] QLAIL BFOUR @FWLE [email protected] MEARH KRRZA LDTET RARHE BLIFC [email protected] AUETC BLQRB CDQMO [email protected] MEAOA SSDNH [email protected] MEACR CWBFB [email protected] ILTST UCRKO LTAOL BRHEB URDBO [email protected] CBENR [email protected] [email protected]@ MRKCT AUETC BULBV PICAA [email protected] [email protected] LDTRA FROLA @DROR SARHE [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] HEBRC TDUCB [email protected] EBCRC [email protected] AOASS DNHDT RAFOU RREEN BLQRU [email protected] BCRCW [email protected] OASSD NHDTR [email protected] [email protected] FDTLA MBRPL CJCTR ACJCE [email protected] CKFGT BCAYS [email protected] [email protected] BILEI CDNTB OASSD NHDTR [email protected] CRCWB [email protected] [email protected] RIVIB MHORA LASIE EARHE BRJLK KLHAU [email protected] ALDNP [email protected]@ RDTUJ CCTHE [email protected] @MRKC TAUET CBLPR SBRCH SCTTB [email protected] WRBRH [email protected] DBSHT AUETC BLQRB ILBUA JLBRH [email protected] [email protected] SACDT STOXD [email protected] AIRBI RALII ENXAR HBSBR HKRAU [email protected] [email protected] MBCNE [email protected] HEBFD TLAMB LWCLC [email protected] BPPLT AOSOF [email protected] B

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