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Response to the Three Gods

I was first introduced to the puzzle years ago on Ted-Ed. However my interpretation is fairly different from what I remember from that time as I have learnt more about logic.
The most simplest form is to ask the question, “Is sound x (let’s say, ba, for example), yes.” If it is true, the answer given must be yes, ba. No will result in the same as no is ba. The inverse is also true, if asking is ba no, however fa will always be the answer.
The previous response is totally correct but this logic is key to getting actual answers whilst deducting their nature. This is more optimal, and provides a solution in three because no translation is required.
I would have liked to try and reconcile the two but this is already long and the last time I wrote this I was accidentally logged out.
I really hope I don’t get scooped.

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