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Alright, so this is a riddle I heard once, but I can’t remember where from, so it’s not exactly my own, but I thought people may enjoy it. It’s pretty simple, once you figure it out.

I call it: The Elite Club

You’re on the trail of a murderer, and you follow their tracks to a place called the Elite Club. You notice that there’s a bouncer outside, and the members go up and talk to the bouncer before entering. You decide to get close to listen.

The first member approaches the bouncer, and the bouncer says “Six”. In response, the member says “Three”, and is admitted into the club.
A little while later, another member arrives. To this one, the bouncer says “Twelve”. The member replies “Six”, and is also let in.
Suddenly, a man who clearly doesn’t belong approaches the bouncer. The bouncer, after a sideways glance, says “Four”, to which the man confidently replies “Two”.
The bouncer chases the man off, meaning he got it wrong.

What is the secret behind the password?

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