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Yes! Turning off the lights meant that there was no light to reflect (no visible light, anyway).

Here’s another riddle.

There are two identical twins, one called Michael, and the other called John. Both went to the same bar and had the same drink.
Apart from that, though, they were completely different. John was kind and caring, while Michael was cruel. Michael had ruined the bartender’s life, in various different ways for his own enjoyment. As such, the bartender decided to poison Michael.

Now, the bartender had a predicament. Both John and Michael had the same exact drink, even down to the glass; Lemon margaritas with ice. There was no way to force one of them to drink one drink, as either could be given to Michael and John. The only thing that the bartender noticed was that John drank quickly, while Michael didn’t. And so, he figured out a way to kill Michael but not John.

How is this possible?

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