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Re. #92221:
Did I put ‘Gold luck’ in Q17? (Oops!) I meant to say ‘Good luck’!


I provide a couple of different solutions for (a). I assume here that you have arranged, or will arrange, some way of transferring any payments at a later stage.

1. You could just telephone the supermarket and tell them what you want to order. (This is a boring solution.)

2. You could also have some form of system where after calling the supermarket, you press the extension button (#). Pressing certain buttons will then correspond to certain products or certain actions (e.g. 00=milk, 01=cheese, 99=cancel last product, etc.). If you think this solution is far-fetched, someone actually used Teletext/Videotex to do shopping from home! (The story is at, for example,

3. Get someone else to do the shopping for you. In return, offer them the corded landline.

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