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Bletchley Park on Feb 28th

The Body in My Library Forums Harry’s Meeting Place Bletchley Park on Feb 28th

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    We have been in contact with prizewinners and their schools, and have also reached out to a number of Silver medallists using the messaging system to invite them to Bletchley Park for the prizegiving. If you have a message from us you will see it flagged when you log in, and you can always check the message centre in the “My Account” section of the site if you are not sure.

    We hope to be in touch with some others shortly, so do please check if you have a message.

    Best wishes,



    What time will the event be?

    [The main part of the event will be the talks and presentations after lunch, though the event ticket will be valid from opening and holders are invited to spend as much of the day at the Park as they would like to. All the best, Harry]


    When is further information about Bletchley tickets being sent to medallists?

    [In the next 2-4 days I hope, Harry]

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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