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Competition Over. A parting messsage.

The Body in My Library Forums Harry’s Meeting Place Competition Over. A parting messsage.

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    Is anyone waiting for posts held back by Harry?

    Seems he forgot my November cipher post.
    Indeed he hasn’t put up ANY of my posts (posted before xmas)!
    I had a few more but I refrained.

    I have decided to make this my last year of indulgence in the forums and the NCC
    It has been great fun along the way. Thanks Harry.
    Going forward I wish Harry and associates a happy and peaceful lifes journey.

    Best TLW

    [Madness is still waiting for some posts too. We try to space things a bit and some get lost in the melee, apologies. It is no reflection on the posts, just on the ability of the moderators to keep up. We are looking into a system to make it easier to schedule posts and that would make a big difference to you and to us. Do you really need to leave? We will be very sad to see you go, you have been a great supporter of the challenge for a long time, and we have always appreciated and enjoyed your contributions. We hope that this might just be a vacation, rather than a permanent move. Thanks for all you have brought over the years. With our very best wishes, Harry and the Elves. PS, if you change your mind no-one will hold you to this!]


    Time for a revolution.

    [Hope not! Maybe peace talks needed first? Harry]


    first thank you for the compliments that is really kind of you.

    Second, sure it was a little puzzling to me why none of my postings had not been
    put up but that really has nothing to do with my leaving.

    Harry, It was a hard decission to make, I love it here, but it has to be.
    Vacation? Permanent? I know not as of now! Only God knows the future.
    We shall see.

    BTW I’m still around for answering to any of my posts for this session.

    Very Best TLW
    [Thanks TLW, I quite understand and I look forward to your email. Best wishes, Harry]

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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