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    Feature request: a font “resource”. You could include your Babington font, and the hieroglyphics.
    I could contribute pig-pen cipher, Morse code, and two Shadow cipher fonts.

    [Nice idea. Not sure if my Babington font is ours to share, but will see what we have. Would also need to be careful over copyright of any contributors fonts, but happy to consider it. Harry]


    we are trying to submit 10b, but whenever i click submit, there is a loading symbol and it then remains with my answer still in the box and the option to submit. nothing changes, nor is the any confirmation of my answer having been submitted. How can i make sure that my answer was properly submitted?

    [Send your username, your team name and the text of your submission to [email protected] so I can check for you. Thanks, Harry]


    I reported a problem before, as I thought I got the wrong ‘response’ when I submitted 9B. It still doesn’t seem to be fixed completely as now after submitting 10A and getting a response that makes sense, my “Your Submissions” page now shows the same response for 9A and 10A, meaning I’m probably still missing one of the responses! I can provide a screenshot if you want me too…


    [Please do email about this, it is a little perplexing! Harry]


    Just browsing the FAQ section (for fun), when I came across the following message:
    “When does the competition start?” —> “… There will be separate leaderboards for each part of each round, and overall leaderboards for each part which take into account scores from round 3 onwards.”

    Shouldn’t this sentence say that the overall leaderboards start at round 4 instead? (I’m mainly posting this in case the FAQs are not changed for next year’s competition and someone reads this ambiguity…)

    [Good catch. We will take a look at that. Thank you, Harry]


    Feature request: At the moment you can change the name on the certificates of the individual challenges, but not the name on the certificate that has the scores of all the challenges. Can the name-changing feature be added to that certificate as well?

    [We will take a look at this when we get a moment. Thanks for suggesting it. Harry]

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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